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  2006                        이학박사 서울대학교

  2000                        이학석사 서울대학교

  1997                        이학사 성균관대학교


  2020. 09-현재,          충남대학교 의과대학 부교수

  2015. 09-2020. 08 ,  충남대학교 의과대학 조교수

  2012. 07-2015. 07,   Post-doctoral Associate,

                                   Tumor Initiation and Maintenance Program, Cancer Center

                                   Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

  2010-2012 ,              서울대학교 생명과학부 BK21 조교수

  2006-2010 ,              서울대학교 생명과학부 박사후연수연구원

주요 논문

Park, J. H., Yang, S. W., Park, J. M., Ka, S. H., Jeon, Y. J., Seol, J. H., Chung, C. H. (2016) Positive feedback regulation of p53 transactivity by DNA damage-induced ISG15 modification. Nature Commun. 7:12513, 1-13

Jeon, Y. J., Khelifa, S., Ratnikov, B., Scott, D. A., Feng, Y., Parisi, F., Ruller, C., Lau, E., Kim, H., Brill, L. M., Jiang, T., Rimm, D., Cardiff, R., Mills, G., Smith, J., Osterman, A. L., Kluger, Y., and Ronai, Z. A. (2015) Regulation of glutamine carrier proteins by the ubiquitin ligase RNF5 determines breast cancer response to ER stress-inducing chemotherapies. Cancer Cell 27, 354-369
  : Highlighted in Previews: Moses, M. A and Neckers, L. (2015) The GLU that holds cancer together: Targeting glutamine transporters in breast cancer. Cancer Cell 27, 317-319







유비퀴틴화 E3 효소 RNF5에 의한 암세포 대사 억제 및 항암 효과 증진




Park, J. H., Lee, S. W., Yang, S. W., Yoo, H. M., Park, J. M., Seong, M. W., Ka, S. H., Oh, K. H., *Jeon, Y. J., and *Chung, C. H. (2014) Modification of DBC1 by SUMO2/3 is crucial for p53-mediated apoptosis in response to DNA damage. Nature Commun. 5:5483, 1-12
  : *equal contribution

Yoo, H. M., Kang, S. H., Kim, J. Y., Lee, J. E., Seong, M. W., Lee, S. W., Ka, S. H., Sou, Y., Komasu M., Tanaka K., Lee, S. T., Noh, D. Y., Baek, S. H., *Jeon, Y. J., and *Chung, C. H. (2014) Modification of ASC1 by UFM1 is crucial for ERα transactivation and breast cancer development. Mol. Cell 56, 261-274
  : *equal contribution
  : Highlighted in Research Watch: Ufmylation of ASC1 is essential for
  breast cancer development. (2014) Cancer Discovery

Park, J. M., Yang, S. W., Yu, K. R., Ka, S. H., Lee, S. W., Seol, J. H., *Jeon, Y. J., and *Chung, C. H. (2014) Modification of PCNA by ISG15 plays a crucial role in termination of error-prone translesion DNA synthesis. Mol. Cell 54, 626-638
  : *equal contribution
  : Faculty1000Prime Recommended

Jeon, Y. J., Jo, M. G., Yoo, H. M., Hong, S. H., Park, J. M., Ka, S. H., Oh, K. H., Seol, J. H., Jung, Y. K., and Chung, C. H. (2012) Chemosensitivity is controlled by p63 modification with ubiquitin-like protein ISG15. J. Clin. Invest. 122, 2622-2636
  : Faculty1000Prime Recommended













ΔNp63α의 ISGylation을 통한 종양 억제 및 항암 효과 증진